Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Music of the Moment

Today's Topic Suggestions:
  • What book and/or music defines today's world for you?
  • Share a piece of contemporary writing or music
  • What is modern writing or music?
  • Does it matter to you what music or books are currently popular?

Today's World As I See It 

What today's world would like us to be from 'Interesting Times' by Terry Pratchett:
Lord Hong was flying a kite. It was something he did perfectly.
Lord Hong did everything perfectly. His water-colours were perfect. His poetry was perfect. When he folded paper, every crease was perfect. Imaginative, original, and definatly perfect. Lord Hong had long ago ceased persuing perfection because he already had it nailed up in a dungeon somewhere.
Lord Hong was twenty-six, and thin, and handsome. He wore very small, very circular steel-rimmed spectacles. When asked to describe him, people often used the word 'smooth' or even 'lacquered'. And he had risen to the leadership of one of the most influential families in the Empire by relentless application, total focusing of his mental powers...

How many people in today's world actually seem to feel:


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