Thursday, 23 August 2012

A Culture of Music & Literature

Today's Topic Suggestions:
  • What music and/or which books have influenced your life?
  • Tell us about your culture's music and/or literature
  • Tell us about a favourite cultures music or books

Britain Through The Olympics

OK, so you probably thought my blog was going to be an Olympic-free zone. Well, here's just my little hint towards what's been going on in the UK for the last few months.

I was really impressed when watching the opening and closing ceremonies on TV how much British music and literature featured. It was also interested to see what music and books they chose to feature.
So, here's just a quick glimpse into what the Olympic organisers thought our musical and written culture was:

A large section of the opening ceremony concentrated on children's literature. This included J.K. Rowling, Peter Pan and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang amongst others. I must say that I thought this section very amusing and great at showing how such books have been recognised world-wide. Another (very funny) section featured James Bond. Shakespeare was also briefly mentioned in both the opening and closing ceremonies.
You can watch the relevant sections here:
             James Bond
             J.K. Rowling etc

Many people have refered to the closing ceremony as pretty much a pop/rock concert. Some of my favourite highlights included Take That performing, and John Lennon and Freddie Mercury 'singing' via screens. And, of course, 'Always Look on the Bright Side of Life' was hilarious! I also enjoyed the Madness section in the opening ceremony.
But, I wasn't totally sure of their choice of musicians to represent England. Of those chosen at least 2 had criminal records and 2 used to be well-known drug-takers. A couple of the songs also didn't seem particularly relevant to the ocassion, seemingly to only be there because those that performed them well well-known.
Anyway, make up your own mind. You can use the links to help if you like:
           Take That
           Eric Idle (Monty Python)
           Spice Girls
           John Lennon

So, what do you think?
And what music/literature would you use to represent your country?

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