Thursday, 5 July 2012

Music Book Review: Songs of the Voyageurs by Emily-Jane Hills Orford

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Songs of the Voyageurs by Emily-Jane Hills Orford

The begining of European music in this country began with the voyageurs who opened up the land for future settlers. As these men (and sometimes women) paddled their way across this great land, they sang. Music was a source of entertainment, a means to ease the tedium of life in the wilderness and a way to keep the strokes of the paddle in time with one's fellow voyageurs. It was a hard life; but music carried the voyageurs across thousands of miles of uncharted territory.

My review:
A fascinating book with a good balance between piano scores/song lyrics and tales of their origins or history in Canada. It was relly interesting to look at those that were familiar and learn new verses or more about them, as wel as finding a few new tunes. Translation of songs originally in French are also useful.

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