Saturday, 6 August 2011

Summer Sharer: Wanderer's Tales

'Summer Sharer's are your real chance to interact during the 'Summer Special' series. We'd love it if you'd share you contributions with us via. your blogs, twitter etc, or simply in the comments. Let us know in the comments where you made your post and don't forget to link back to here, so that your readers can view other people's contributions.

Today's summer sharer is all about sharing where you like to do in the summer, whether it be walking, a day-trip or a holiday. You might like to talk about a specific place, or just you wanderings in general.
To share, simply answer the following question: 

Where do your summer wanderings take you?

My answer:
I love to go out walking on day-trips during the summer. These usually involve driving out to a place between 30 minutes and an hour away for a relaxing walk. Sometimes I go to National Trust properties, other times I go to nature reserves or use the walking books that I have to look round a wider area. I almost always take a bookcrossing book with me, which I like to leave somewhere along the route- I find this a great way of sharing my interest in reading with others.

 Tomorrow I'll be featuring the blog 'My Reading List' over on 'The Story Factory Reading Zone'

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